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The Betty Ann Hartmann Foundation helps addicts who fall short of their financial obligations in early recovery, with a grant or multiple grants. Grants are also given to other missions, foundations, companies, Etc. that help those in early recovery. When we think of someone suffering from substance abuse we of course think of treatment, but what about those that don’t have family or financial help? We tend to forget in looking at the bigger picture that there are a lot of little things that people in early recovery can benefit from to help improve their quality of life. Some of the ways in which these grants are used are:



Car or Airfare to Programs


Help Pay Rent for Sober Homes

Why You Should Donate:
Beyond just feeling good, this is a societal problem. Addiction kills many, of all backgrounds and all ages. No one with this disease is safe without help. When an addict dies, or stays suffering, it leaves a vacuum in its place for all those around them. When addicts that find the strength to seek recovery have the proper resources and support miracles do happen!



Food, Clothing, Etc

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